Break Free from Your Past and Embrace Your Future! Francine can show you how.

Yes, life can be challenging, but past experiences, negative beliefs, and sudden roadblocks don’t have to hold you back. It’s time to step up and live the life you desire.

Francine Lucas-Sinclair knows all about life’s setbacks. She still remembers that fateful day in 1975 when the police came to her home and arrested her father on drug trafficking charges. Because of her father’s decision to name corrupt law enforcement officers in exchange for a lesser sentence, Francine had to enter the Federal Witness Protection program. She relocated to New Mexico with family members, all the while hiding her pain and sadness from the world.

Determined not to repeat her parent’s mistakes, Francine vowed to make her life one she could be proud of…and she did. But in 2001, upon learning that her father sold his story to Hollywood for the movie¬†American Gangster¬†(released in 2007), all of Francine’s negative memories of the past came rushing back-and played on the big screen for millions to see! But Francine didn’t let that hold her back from living the life she knew she deserved.

Today, Francine helps individuals, business professionals, criminal justice system workers, youth, and non-profits change their thinking so they can improve their life and their results. Francine knows how negativity, fear, and disempowering beliefs can stop people in their tracks…but she also knows that we each have the power to choose how we want our life to be. Let Francine help you make the best choice for your life!